Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Date Night in the Crayon Graveyard

I am notorious for planning bad dates. If there's a horrible movie, I'll pick it. A picnic in the park, it will rain. Stargazing and I'll find the perfect place...on private property.  Things got so desperate in college that I sought some Google guidance. Grave rubbings with crayons?! Dress a turkey together?! Even Google wanted me to fail! All this to say, it's a miracle I'm married...and I shamelessly stole this idea from Pinterest and turned it into a fun activity for me and the guy who plans all of our dates.

Love the names of these!
(macaroni and cheese!!)


Clint's Masterpiece

Mine :)

Next I'd like to experiment with shaving the crayons or melting both ways on the canvas or melting in many options!

Here's how you can make your own...

You'll need:
1 canvas
1 box of crayons
Hot glue gun
Blow Dryer

1. Glue the crayons on the canvas however you'd like. [I chose a rainbow variety with the color names the end that didn't really matter. Clint put his in more random groupings with the Crayola label facing out...there is no right way.]
2. Set your canvas up at an angle [The wax splatters, so do this somewhere you don't mine some extra wax flying around... maybe not on your carpet...unless you want new carpet...or hardwood!...:)]
3. Turn the blow dryer on and have at it. [Again, no right way. We found that high heat seems to work best and the faster the speed the more the wax tends to splatter, the slower the more it drips.]
4. Admire your work and hang it up somewhere.

I'm trying to figure out if we should spray our pieces with something to avoid transferring crayon to the wall/having unwanted melting/making our house wreak of crayon like my car does. Suggestions you art junkies?

Hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday! Sorry it's been so long. Tomorrow I have some fun shots to share from a little BFF session with my sister and first cousin once removed...or something like that...they're cute!! :D