Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Baaaack!!

I am so sorry. Finding a house and coaching a junior high softball team is consuming my life. However, I did manage to squeeze in a little photo session with my new nephew,  an inspirational meeting with the wonderful ladies at Wagner Photographics and 16 Goats in a Tree (how cute is that name?!) and shoot a wedding using my NEW KELLY MOORE B-HOBO BAG!!
So here are my thoughts on this amazing bag. In short, I am in love. After deciding on the B-Hobo style, I had trouble choosing from all the beautiful colors. I went with mustard and am so happy! The velcro adjustable liners are perfect for my two lenses and Nikon D90 camera body and the exterior pockets helped me keep my phone, id, gum, kleenex, lip gloss and pen close at hand. One of my favorite aspects is that it effortlessly doubles as a purse. I felt so chic at the wedding looking looking like one of the guests. The bag comes with two straps; to give an over-the-shoulder option as well as the cross-body style. While shooting it's so nice to have a hands free function with a shoulder pad for added comfort. I could go on about things that I love, but I will stop for now and let you ask questions. If you love to make lens changes throughout your shoot and tend to carry more than three lenses on you, I'd check out one of the larger bags with more dividers. I found that the bag arrived with a funny odor. I assumed it was from the dye used so I grabbed some dryer sheets, loaded up the pockets and within a day or two the fishy smell was all gone. I am so happy with this bag and look forward to using it on senior shoots, vacation and family outings!

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