Monday, May 23, 2011

Two (2)

Bad hair day(s) due to massive amounts of rain = a focus on details

I woke this morning to constant clicking from an unknown source. Disoriented at the early hour I determined that my outlet was causing the noise. As I leaned over to get a closer look the sound stopped.   Leaned back, it began again. Tired and frustrated I gave it one more attempt, and that's when it hit me...quite literally. Water, dripping from the ceiling of our apartment, pooling on the carpeted floor. Typically this would evoke feelings of greater irritation, however we begin the move to our HOUSE in just 5 days so a sense of relief took over as I grabbed a bucket and towel. The darkening watermark on the ceiling the size of a small bed has me mildly concerned, but again, 5 days.

As the fourth picture suggests, we are in the midst of packing. If you're in to that kind of thing, PLEASE COME VISIT! I promise to serve you on my finest Chinet, and deliver the mouth watering likes of Rice-a-roni, goldfish and pickles. I won't make you clean, unless of course you also enjoy that. In which case, I will allow it.

ps. I also have chocolate milk.

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