Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I’ve learned a lot in the two weeks this challenge has been going on. First, you should really just take a picture the day you wear the outfit. But if you like that “shopper’s sweat” you get after trying on five outfits in a row, then be my guest. Secondly, it’s a great way to see what works and what doesn’t; this goes for clothes as well as hair and accessories.  And now, without further ado, the outfits.

This kind of look pretty much sums up my style; solid colored tee, comfy jeans and simple shoes (add a scarf so it looks like you're trying). :)

I’m a fan of this outfit, but it gets really tiring to walk on tiptoes all day to avoid the dreaded stumpy leg look. :)

At the Tennessee game sporting our orange!

I was told I look “Christmassy” in this outfit. Not what I was going for, but that’s ok.

The Conservative Women’s Coalition called and they want their uniform back. Eek. The bottom half of this outfit is so drab!!!

We actually shot this on day 7 (Yay!) when we got home from surprising my family with a mid-week visit.

How I really felt about taking pictures.

Out and about for brunch with my Aunt (should have gotten that French toast) and running errands (why are decorative pillows SO freaking expensive?!).

Day nine was an exact repeat of day two (lowers head in shame). I have found it most difficult to find appropriate “wedding wear” in which to shoot weddings. So I was lazy...sue me.

I threw this on for church and I think it works. 

This is, of course, Clint's favorite picture. :)

I’d run out of poses and Clint his patience. 

And there you have it. :) Whew. It's almost Thanksgiving!

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