Sunday, November 21, 2010

Playing Catch-up

Ok. So I’ve got most of the pictures compiled. But I want to stay true to the order in which I wore them, so here is day 2 and hopefully day 3- present will be up tomorrow evening. Don’t get overwhelmed.

In all honesty I felt a little frumpy in this outfit, but the very drunk groomsman at the wedding I was photographing apparently liked it. So if you’re not feeling it, just strap on a pair of beer goggles and see if that does the trick.

*I will not be attempting to match the number of photos with the corresponding day.
That could just get a bit ridiculous.*

I think I’ve finally convinced my dear husband, Clint, to take pictures daily. Pretty soon we’re going to start our own photography business. Watch out world.

Also...God is not affected by the economy. Recession or not His work will be done. Apex Community Church compiled 5625 Operation Christmas Child boxes to share God’s love with children around the world!

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