Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

Things I’ve realized over the past 24 hours:

1)    While reluctant to rise at 6am, my body can be bribed with Nutella on a hot English muffin, but that only gets me to the fitness center where my iPod must take over. Basically I have zero mental toughness.
2)   If PepsiDew (one third Mt.Dew two thirds Pepsi) is a “man’s drink” I am, among other reasons, happy to be a woman.
3)   You take your family for granted when you are young. It shouldn’t take moving away to realize what you have.
4)   My husband does not like being lost due to my hopeless attempts to decipher the GPS. Can I blame the GPS… just a little?
5)   Sometimes your hair looks better when you throw it up on the way to the gym than it does after your extensive morning beauty routine. It’s true.
6)  I strongly advise peeing before squeezing yourself into the tights, pencil skirt and jacket for your workday. They’re called tights for a reason ladies!
7)   If technology can get us to the moon…why aren’t there self-cleaning pots, pans, George Foreman grills, clothes and apartments?! (Still a realization because I thought of this while staring at the pile of dishes, clothes and random papers I so badly need to tackle.)

In other news, I am having serious issues coming up with a proper name for this blog. I’ve toyed with alliterative titles but haven’t found a word that accurately portrays what I want to. I’ve considered something witty, a nice pun for example, but these have either required too much explanation or simply aren’t funny.  Suggestions are welcome.

I’m still working on those outfit photos, but for now it’s the Thursday night lineup; multitask through Community, sleep through 30 Rock, wake up for the Office, Outsourced and the Apprentice. 

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