Saturday, November 27, 2010


I'll admit, the thought of stopping the 30 for 30 challenge has crossed my mind. But it wouldn't be a challenge if it were easy and I'd still like to prove to myself that I can do it! Once again I'm a tad behind on my outfit pictures, but I'm going to post the ones I have and update the ones I don't later :). It's my blog, I can do that sort of thing.

The giant flower pin may have been more suitable in my hair, but I work with wedding clients, so if it looks like a boutonniere, it's not deplorable in my line of work. Just another perk of my job! :)

I'm not superstitious, so I will post day 13, just not right now because I worked a half day, wore my coat the entire time, then came home and climbed straight into sweats and a hoodie before Clint even had a chance to think of snapping a photo. It wasn't terribly exciting anyways, so you're not missing much.

This is what I wore to Thanksgiving dinner. If you look too closely you can tell that the top button is a bit strained. Unfortunately this isn't from the overabundance of scrumptious food that I ate.  I have found that I am not completely in love with how this shirt fits; there is too much fussing throughout the day required to make it look right. I think that's part of this remixing process. I also decided we will not be making a tradition of the post-Thanksgiving dinner "weigh in" as suggested by my husband. It's depressing and has a negative effect on my attitude.

This year I attempted to contribute at the Thanksgiving dinner with a pumpkin pie and mini pecan tarts. Clint was a huge help and even got me to laugh after I botched the first attempt at the tart crust by using twice the amount of butter. Oops.

And now, if you'll allow, I'd like to share some of my current struggles with the 30 for 30 challenge; maybe you can relate. Prior to the start I tried to sketch out some of the different ways I could combine my 30 pieces and this worked for a while. However, I have found that there are a few pieces that are base pieces for several of my ensembles, meaning that I must space these combos out so that I'm not wearing the same shirt 3 times in one week. I think I need to invest in some more accessories. I have realized that I depend too much on a patterned item of clothing to add interest, where I could put a statement necklace or earrings on to pull things together. My comfort zone is definitely on the other side of the camera. Directing others in poses is fun and comes natural, but posing myself, not so much. I feel like such a goober (as you can see). 

And in closing, this may seem like a shameless plea for comments, and it may be, but do you ever feel like a blog consumer. Let me explain. I read PLENTY of blogs, but rarely do I leave comments. Now that I have a blog of my own (nameless as it may be) I know the power of a comment left by a complete stranger or long lost friend. So I encourage you to let the bloggers you read regularly or randomly know that you appreciate their work. I know for me it's a huge motivation to carry on!


  1. I used twice as much cream cheese in my last frosting batch, whups! Thank heavens for patience and more cooking supplies.

    I'm feeling the same way about basic pieces-I want to wear a certain navy sweater every single day. For's bad news. You're way ahead of me with sketching, what a good idea!

    Also, I think we have kindred hair. Love your locks girlie!