Monday, December 20, 2010

Friday on Monday

I meant to post this before heading to my parents for the weekend, but I ran out of time and forgot about their Amish internet, aka dial up.  So here is Friday’s post on Monday.
To be honest, I thought the fashion freedom I experienced today would be like finding a $100 bill in your wallet when you were expecting to find a 20. Instead I feel like I was forced to clear my plate after the third time through the line at Thanksgiving dinner; a little overwhelmed and a lot uncomfortable.  While I don’t attempt to be 100% on trend (even when the trend is not being trendy) I have realized, or should I say admitted, during the past month that the perception of others is INCREDIBLY important to me. Unfortunate. This makes it, among other things, hard to get dressed in the morning. I’ve spent too much time today laying out clothes on the bed that have the potential to be worn for my family’s Christmas picture only to realize that 1) I do not live in a warm weather climate, I hate being cold, no socks is not a viable option, 2) as I’ve pointed out before, I don’t like the cold, so while it would make sense to actually try on the clothes that lay on my bed, I am in no rush to strip down and parade around my apartment putting together an outfit, and 3) my family is not and never will be the Kardashians,(PTL), so jeans and a casual top are perfectly acceptable and will stand out far less than the sequined ensemble better suited for a disco ball. Simplicity does not necessarily mean boredom.

And while I’m avoiding doing the dishes, I thought I’d share some of the things I learned while doing the 30 for 30. 

First off, I’m not a fashionista, and I think the pressure of having a blog solely devoted to my style journey would frustrate me. Sorry if you were hoping for that.

Sometimes it is good to wear something you typically wouldn’t, i.e. color combos or accessories.  This forces you to be confident, refusing to listen to the self-destructive minion torturing you.  It’s good practice for mental toughness.

Taking pictures of your outfits really help you get an idea for what works for your body and what doesn’t. Plus it’s just more fun to look at a blog with pictures, so posts like this one usually get skimmed. It’s ok. I do it too.

Thirty items really is a lot. Two times this became extremely apparent to me; 1) when on day 28 my boss asks if my boots (that I’ve worn 10 of the 30 days) are new, and 2) there were several pieces I wore only once or twice and two pieces I didn’t wear at all.

I’m sure there are other revelations that happened, but those are the ones I can think of right now. Well, the dishes still haven’t washed themselves. And if I don’t hurry up I won’t have time to shower and nothing is more frustrating than a cute outfit and grungy hair. Maybe on the runway, but not in real life.
I had a wonderful weekend at home and even got to see a childhood friend and fellow blogger!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. LOVED seeing you, sweet friend!

    also - i love the top you picked for the photo :)