Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patents Pending

Inventions that would have made my morning so much more pleasant:

An exercise in your sleep machine that burns calories and builds lean muscle as you stay cozy warm in bed, while also providing visible results in 30 days. (Hey, I’m in bed, I can dream can’t I?!)

A dry clean shower. I can’t explain to you how pathetic I am when it comes to getting in the shower on cold winter mornings. I hate the cold. However, when I do finally make it into the shower I want to stay there because it’s so nice and steamy. I also hate waiting for my hair to dry. And before you suggest blowing it dry, please refer to exhibit 1a, Day 20, the lion’s mane. No thanks.

The dry clean shower should also be equipped with the automatic painless hair removal system, which eliminates the need for shaving. Love smooth legs, hate shaving.

Three robots. One to clean my apartment, one to go to work for my husband and one to go to work for me so we can spend all day together in our immaculate little home.

Touch screens that work with gloves. It’s incredibly hard to make a phone call with my nose and I look like a moron working on my computer.

Someone get on these…there is serious money to be made.

And in case you’re in the market for buying me a Christmas gift this year, here is my immediate wish list:

Ski pants that pass for business casual, electrically heated socks that fit into fashionable boots, gloves that allow just the very tips of my fingers to show so that I can work my phone and computer, a cute hat that covers my ears and allows no heat to escape from my head, a portable space heater, and a grande hazelnut white mocha with a shot less of each flavor from Starbucks. 

It’s a little cold in the office this morning. So, if in the generosity of your heart you feel inclined to present my gifts before Christmas, like today, I won’t complain.

I braved the cold (of our living room, not outside…silly) to capture these outfit shots for you.

If you could only see all the non-30 for 30 items I had layered on my body to shoot this December wedding. Have I mentioned I hate being cold?!

Call me Velveeta because that’s one CHEESY smile!

I can't believe I have less than a weeks worth of outfits to remix! And to think that there are still pieces I haven't used! (Let's just say I'm not a skirt person...or at least not with the ones I own). Here's to another week of closet creativity! CHEERS!

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