Friday, February 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

First I must say Happy Belated Birthday to my brother! 
Second as boring as it may be, I think this outfit pretty much sums up my style. Not to mention it got a thumbs up from Clint which is good. Again, solid colored v-neck tee and well-fitted jeans...not a shocker.

T-Shirt - Walmart
Necklace - Gift
Jeans - Bullhead (PacSun)
Belt - Dear (Steve & Barry's)
Shoes - Converse One Star (Target)
-The itchy ankle that inevitably occurs when I'm wearing my knee high boots. You can't slide your hand down the boot, but it seems silly to unzip it and forget trying to scratch through the leather.
-Trying to get out of the car only to realize you seat belt is still buckled. I'd feel really stupid if I could see my seat belt, but the funny thing is I buckled my seat belt and then decided to zip my jacket up.
-Old ladies who loose their eyebrows and the ability to draw on fake ones. No one has eyebrows like that naturally. No one. Also, your hair is white, why are those lines above your eyes red?
-The combination of letters you have to type before posting your comments. Who comes up with those? And what exactly is the purpose? Hackers can't read the squiggly random letters? Neither can I half of the time. So strange.
-This weather! Sometimes I forget that winter goes away. Today was a nice reminder that will.
-Honeycomb cereal. I was craving a little afternoon snack and these delicious little guys hit the spot. I kind of want some more right now...
-Softball season starts next week!
-Home videos from Husband's childhood. Still such a cutie.
-Oh hey! And now it's Friday!


  1. I hate those combination of letters! So annoying. Simple but great outfit! Love it.

  2. I like your outfit! and your awkward and awesome-ness :)
    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  3. Funny! I agree, I can't read those letters before your comment either. I really find them annoying... I think, there I've posted my comment, then it refreshes and I find out I have to decipher those letters. Hmmm. I like your simple outfit today and the quality of your photos. :)

    Books and Looks

  4. Love the first pic! And your cas. outfit! So cute! ;)