Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lady lumberjack meets sister smurf.

Did I tell you about getting a job at Oakwood Junior High? Their mascot is the lumberjacks. No, that was not the inspiration for this outfit...but it is rather reminiscent of such things. Hence the title.

Say hello to the Jr. High softball coach. (me!)
Hat - Walmart
Scarf - Maurices
Button up - Walmart
Belt - Target
Dress - Target
Tights - Kohls
Booties - Blowfish
I felt goofy in the hat for about five minutes...until I realized just how warm it made me. And then I decided to mix plaid with plaid as if I need another reason to feel self-conscious.

Haha. Upon further review, I had every right to feel goofy in that hat. The lengths I go to to avoid a chill.  Next time I'll grab some hot chocolate and leave this beanie business to the pros.
Isn't that just the coolest mug ever?! Christmas gift from the sister-in-law...she gets me.


  1. BEST MUG EVER. my officemate has one too :D
    and lumberjacks win at life, just saying. you're adorable!

  2. You look precious. Again. Surprise! Wow...I swear you get more adorable by the day! Love your warm snuggie look. And that mug. Oh mee geez. Where do I sign up!?!

  3. I want that coffee mug, I bet you get so many people staring at you while you drink outta that!!!

  4. for a second i thought you ruined a lens! i about died.

    you are adorable. also, can you come teach me how to use a dslr camera? you are a pro after all!

  5. Love this! What a great mix of prints, and that belt is a fantastic final touch. OK. AND I totally fell for that lens cup. I thought it was real. Haha! Love it. xx veronika

  6. Congrats on your job! And I think the plaid mixing looks great! I'm agreeing with everyone here on the awesome coffee mug.