Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'll take a number one, just mustard please.

Today I
            ...got shampoo in my eyes. Pantene is not tearfree (fyi).
            ...applied more mascara in and around my eyes than on my actual lashes.
            ...wore my bathing suit to work and then realized I don't even live remotely south.

Ok. So the last one isn’t true, but seriously. It’s not even fair to see bare arms and ankles on some of you ladies. I can hardly stand to expose my fingers! The one redeeming factor of living in a place that actually has a winter is the aftermath of a good ice storm. It is good for pictures and pretty much the only attractive feature of winter as far as I am concerned. God is working on His ice palace right now and achieving this beautiful masterpiece means inside pictures once again. Would posing on my dryer make me as cute as Sydney? How about my stove? Or maybe my bathroom sink? No, I know. The leather La-Z-Boy. Leather makes everything sexier. Right?...just go with it.

Shirt - Banana Republic (Thrifted)
Cardi - Mossimo
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - Converse One Star
Earrings - Gift
A simple start.


  1. Cute outfit! I love the converse :) And dont worry I live way down in arkansas and I'm still all bundled up :P

    - www.itsanewkate.blogspot.com

  2. It's not cold here, but it has been raining all the time for two days now! I don't like that either. I just want the sun ha!

    Great outfit, love the cardigan :) x

  3. Love the way you layered your top and sweater - totally adorable.

  4. I love simple starts, I went simple on my first day of the challenge too! I am one of the bloggers who has been having fabulous weather but today it is changing so I will be in your same boat soon...only with not as much snow or ice!

  5. I love love love the yellow cardigan! That shade looks awful on me but awesome on you!