Monday, February 21, 2011

Forgive me. It was my birthday.

Life is crazy. A good crazy. But still crazy. I am not ignoring the gorgeous Misty who so kindly gave me a blogger award. Or all of you lovelies who have left me such sweet comments. It is late and Clint has baseball practice before work :(. But quickly. Friday Clint and I went downtown to Fiddler on the Roof. Saturday we ate at Smashburger (yum) where Clint's family surprised me by joining us and presenting me with refrigerator icing birthday cake. (I'd share the recipe, but I'm pretty sure it's a family secret. But from a girl who doesn't like cake OR's pretty much the best thing ever.) Sunday was full of fun because I have a husband who loves me. Here's to being two dozen!

Scarf - WalMart
Earrings - Target
Shirt - WalMart
Cuff - New York & Company
Jeans - Bullhead (PacSun)
Booties - Blowfish (DSW)

See you tomorrow friends!


  1. Happy 24th! You two look super adorable :) x

  2. Cute outfit. Cute husband. :) haha! Happy Birthday girl!!

  3. happy birthday! you look fabulous in the plaid and scarf combo--i'm loving this! oh if only i had a plaid shirt in my 30x30. sighhhh...