Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boots:1 Tights:0

As promised, my first “I love this person’s blog” blog post. If you’d like to lower your self-esteem and see how celebrities and 1% of real people look after a marathon, go here. If you’re just into a great blog that will inspire you and make you laugh, go here. Ashley, you’re gorgeous and talented.  Ashley’s husband, you are a lucky man. 

Awkward and Awesomeness will happen tonight along with day 19. Bear with me.
Oh, and as that last picture points out, my boots and tights fought, and the boots won. Note to self, don't cross your legs when wearing these boots with tights. The zipper will catch and cost you $7.


  1. Poor colourful tights! Love the colour coordination x

  2. i saw traffic coming from your blog, and HAD to check it out :) youre a babe! thanks girrrlie! ps i need tights like those. for real.

  3. Love this look! Too bad the boots tore your tights.