Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kelly Moore Bag Color Conundrum!

I am planning the purchase of an AMAZING new camera bag. Goodbye dull, impractical backpack bag, hello BEAUTIFUL.
If you haven’t heard of Kelly Moore Bags you should definitely check them out. These bags are functional without sacrificing fashion. I’m hoping the addition of this bag will encourage me to keep my camera on me, ready to capture the beauty all around. Not to mention it will totally up my chic factor at weddings and on senior shoots.

Ordering a product online can be so terrifying. Especially if you’re like me; bad at converting numerical size descriptions into a visual representation of what you will receive. That’s why these videos are just perfect for people like me. Trusting Kelly is not a tiny being in a dollhouse, it gives me a most practical idea of how the bag will fit my body. What a fantastic idea!

I’d like one of each bag in every color, but my freelance status and assistant salary will not allow for it.  So I’ve decided to start small and work my way towards a collection. Then, when I’ve bought each of her bags, Kelly will have to design a new bag. In need of a name she will ask me (her new bff) and I will humbly suggest “The Emily” which combines all my favorite features from each bag. Humbly.
Ok. Back to reality. I have decided my first Kelly Moore Bag will be the B-Hobo bag.  It can be worn as a shoulder bag or... cross-body; which is how I intend to wear it while I shoot. The size is perfect for my small set of lenses and single battery pack camera. Here’s where I need your help. There are so many fabulous colors to choose from. All bags are lined with a lilac colored fabric. Believe it or not, I have actually narrowed the selection for you.  Would you go safe with a neutral? Or daring with a pop of color? HELP!

Take advantage of this special February offer and get your own Kelly Moore Bag!


  1. ooh, great color choices -- perhaps i'm boring but i vote for grey or walnut b/c they're timeless and will match everything!
    glad i discovered your blog today!

  2. I love your blog! I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award and gave you a shout-out on my blog! To see the post, here's my link...


  3. If only I had the camera to go with such pretties.

    Gray or mustard is my vote! They're both neutral enough to go with pretty much anything. When you're in the middle of shooting you don't want to be thinking about how you are clashing. You want to think about your photos! :)

  4. Awesome camera bags! I'd go with the mustard.