Thursday, February 24, 2011


Ok. 30 for 30 revelations. I am unapologetically a jeans girl. I love them. Aside from v-neck tees, they may be my biggest clothing obsession. Clint is a big fan too, which leads me to my second revelation. Who do you dress for? I guess it's more of a question really, but I have been really challenged by that this round. After 19 outfits I am beginning to think that I went a bit too simplistic, monotone and dull with my choices. I am craving new colors and patterns.  Also, can  you have a personal style of schizophrenic? I just feel really all over the board with my outfits. Like one day a confident daring adventurer dresses me and the next it's like I'm trying to relive the awkward high school years. I'm honestly considering stripping my closet down to my most favorite pieces and rebuilding. But I'm impatient and would want a huge shopping spree to replenish. Any pointers?

I so badly wanted to bring a smile to your face by letting you in on all of the akwardness and awesomeness of my day/week. But you see. I sat in a traffic jam for over an hour on the way home from softball practice, which pretty much turned all of my awkwards into annoyings and my awesomes into cynical sarcasms.  There’s always next Thursday. Until then, go here to get your giggles.

Speaking of jeans, I took the liberty of replacing the pair of black ankle pants in my original 30 for 30 line-up for the jeans you see today. Ohio has refused to jump on the spring bandwagon, so I choose to cover my ankles. 
Button-Up - JCrew (Thrifted)
Sweater - Target
Jeans - Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes - Mia Girl (DSW)

If you're super bored, I thought it would be fun to wear a reader's choice outfit. A new perspective on the items I've been staring at for 20 days now. 

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