Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ten four good buddy

But really just 10. It's Thursday. Awkward and Awesome Thursday.
Button up - JCrew (Thrifted)
Belt - The Limited
Pants - Abercrombie (Thrifted)
Shoes - Converse One Star (Target)
Earrings - Gift
     -As that last picture might suggest, the top of the futon is not comfortable. It was in fact...awkward.
     -Walking into the back door of a restaurant, thinking it was the front, right into the dining area, full of people, fighting your way through booths and chairs only to realize you have to exit the restaurant to get in line to order. Confused? So were we.
     -An office so cold that I never remove my coat, hat OR gloves. All day.
     -The day we get a real couch and move the futon to a lesser used room because we have more than one room.
     -Welcome home from work Wednesdays.
     -I get to see my family tomorrow!!!
     -The brownies I smell in our kitchen. See ya!

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