Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boots meet Blog, Blog, Boots.

Am I the only one that makes lists just to cross something off? Today's list looks something like this.
Get up
Check Email
Brush Teeth
Get ready
Eat Breakfast
Go to work
Pick up apartment

Unfortunately the things that remain on the list are the most important and require the most effort. Go figure. I feel so productive though! Maybe this is what my dad meant by living in a fantasy world.

And since you've never seen these boots before.....

I just love the little bit of color on the back. But I'm really tempted to go buy skinny pants in every color so I can wear them daily.


  1. Great outfit! Like the pop of colour the boots have as well!

    And yes I make lists to have something to cross as well haha, especially during exams I write my exam schedule three times so that after an exam I cross it more than once! x

  2. what! love the whole outfit - those boots are awesome! and your hair is super cute

  3. Great boots! Where did you get your cardigan? I've been looking for a cardigan in that color for a while now.

  4. LOVE those boots. LOVE your outfit. LOVE you! your comment on my blog just made my laugh so much! i was kind of having a bad day, and that definitely cheered me up :) can't wait to see what you do with that skirt you got!

  5. I love those boots...I first saw them on Sydney from The Daybook and tried to order them but they were not available in my size, boo!

  6. YOU BOUGHT THE BOOTS! GAH they are perfection. Seriously. And I am LOVING the color palette. Gorgeous girl!

    Are you doing the next 30 for 30?! I'm waffling...

    And seriously I make lists all the time. And after I've done stuff, especially at work. Then I can see that yes, I did actually accomplish something today no matter how scattered it felt!

  7. I need your email girl! And I totally opted to graduate a semester early and not take the second half of HTML/Flash. Lol! totally understand.

    So it needs to be the same width as your header wrapper (mine is 850 px) which you can find in edit HTML section (just cntrl+f then search header-wrapper) it might be a little different in the new blogger editor, I haven't switched over yet. I am a creature of habit. :)

    I made my logo in illustrator, then copied it into an 850 px wide (I don't remember how tall!) photoshop file. Then, here is the trick. When you get it all perfect, SAVE TO WEB and be sure it's a PNG-24 (that gives you transparency if you want it) but it's also the crispest image I've found for the interwebs. I do all my photos as PNG-24 as well, jpgs are lameo.

    I hope that helps! I gotta run to work but e-mail me if it's still being crazy and I can help you more tonight! Good luck! :)

    thinkingaboutpretty (at) gmail (dot) com