Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is still the same blog.

I repeat. You are in the right place!

I was afraid the glimpse of outside photos might have thrown you off. So I wanted to clear that up first thing. I love nice weather (something north of 65). The sun was shining and I am tired of that white wall.
Excited to be outside!
That was my New Year's surprise. Relief from the blank wall. Hopefully you aren't too disappointed. I have always hated it when people build up your anticipation for some "surprise" that ends up sucking. Like the time Clint so sweetly "surprised me" with a bottle of Purel for my car. Needless to say the hand sanitizer didn't warm my heart. So hopefully it wasn't like that.


  1. Hehe...I seriously laughed at that comment! Gotta love boys and their games! Cutie look so... springy. I have some major spring thoughts going on around here. And Valentines hasn't even rolled around yet. Poopsicles! LOVING your shoes by the me some flats!

  2. Totally legit with me to rock the spring look early! I've been digging into my spring stuff for the past few days as you can see as well. Except for today, because it rained. Which calls for boots and scarf. Ok, so I'm definitely NOT tech savvy in any sense of the term, so I haven't blocked any followers. I totally get your concern about sketchy followers, but I figure anyone can find my blog on the internet, so I suppose it doesn't matter. And I don't share any information about where I live or anything like that...just to be on the safe side, of course. Hope this helps!

  3. Love this outfit! I think the pics look amazing outside too :-)