Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two for one deal.

Ok. Yesterday I was in a funk. I didn't want to do anything and that included getting dressed in something matching, remotely fitted or with less than an inch of warm fuzzy. So I did what every amateur fashion blogger does, they revert to their files of previously worn and loved outfits, grab the same pants, the same top, the same shoes and a different cardi, and before you know it, BAM! you're dressed and it works. At least that's what I'm holding on to. Haha. This is also known as a cop out. My most sincere apologies. I like purple. I don't know, diversion seemed like a good technique. And I really do like purple. I digress. Here's my cop out, cheat, laziness.
This is how cold it is in Ohio,
my ear looks like a freaking blue tooth, but no,
that is my ear.
Oh, and sorry about the return to the wall of boredom.
And since I haven't done an outfit post in a while, I'm doubling up, because I can. And here's the story with this one. Little miss productive today (me) spent the day dropping off applications to supplement my 2-3 days of work during wedding slow season. Here is what I learned during my outing. Apparently you must have a PhD but no life to work in clothing retail (Not to be confused with other types of retail). Funny, I didn't think it was so hard to convince a woman to burn her husband's hard earned money on clothes she doesn't need. Isn't that like our thing?! Now if I had to convince a woman not to...no, I think I could do that too. But seriously, "Wow! What are you?! Like a double zero?! The models don't even rock it like that. Oh, and what do you know?! It's on sale!" Yep, I think I could do it. Oh, and here's another favorite. When I was checking out at this cute new accessory shop I thought to myself, "Self! You could work here!" So I ask the nice lady for an application and she says, "Sure sweety! But how old are you?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Tell me YOU ALL didn't think I was under 18. Please!! If I were 30 or 40 this would rock, but I'm not, so it did not rock today. Oh and hey nice lady. I can drink too, shocker, I know.

A little "Here we go!" fist pump.
HIRE ME! (That's my resume!)

 I've had about enough of this snow stuff. And I have the insane ability to find all the bloggers that live in warm clients, which makes me jealous. Do bloggers who live in cold climates hibernate? That's a great idea. I may have to start something.


  1. Love how you remixed the first outfit. And you look really great with curly hair!

    I get asked the same question (but I do look younger than 18 unfortunately!) You should come to Malta then instead of hibernating hehe x

  2. I love the first outfit for sure...I am inspired now to head back to my converses...and I will definitely be pulling out my Sperrys come some warmer weather! I wish you the absolute best of luck with the job!!! I'm applying to law school...and applying for anything basically just stinks...the whole process...according to me!

  3. love the outfits! i hope you get hired soon!