Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Safari

If this is the first time you've visited my blog I want to apologize quickly before you jump to the pictures. But if you're anything like me you'll browse the pictures and THEN read this, but I DID warn you. So don't yell.

I wanted to treat my weekend guests to a true Cincinnati experience, so we started on Friday with a trip to Jungle Jim's. A GINORMOUS grocery store with food and beverages from all over the world. I'd heard stories, but never experienced it myself so we bundled up and here's just a sampling of what we found.

 I wish I could have remembered the names of everything, but I'll know next time to document. Naturally I was drawn to the obscure meats, pretty fruits, funky vegetables and gag inducing seafood. Blame it on growing up with brothers. (Except the pretty fruits, that's the girl in me.) 

We also covered Goetta, Skyline Chili and Montgomery Inn BBQ Chicken on their visit. I can't wait for summer to treat visitors to Graeters Ice Cream and Reds baseball games!!

Where would you take me if I came to your city?!


  1. The ones below the Ugli fruit are called prickly pears .. they are really popular in my country. And the duck heads and pig faces .. eugh!

  2. OMG! Is there anything that this grocery store doesn't have?? haha. Did you buy anything cool?

  3. this IS the first time visiting my blog but i DID read the warning. althoooooo, i loved the pics. i guess i'm kinda weirdo like that.

    haha, youre adorable!! thanks for lettin me visit!

  4. CRAZY. duck heads?!?? what does one even do with them?!

  5. Umm .. they're ok but I don't have the patience to remove the skin etc. so I don't even remember the last time I had one :) If you want, I have a giveaway going on x

  6. Hah well if youre into this kinda stuff and you visited my town I would take you to this korean market that has the FUNKIEST food.