Monday, January 3, 2011

Slightly out of focus pictures give me chills.

And not in a good way. If you have a similar response...please prepare for a spine tingling experience. I couldn't pry Clint away from the last Sunday (all day and all) night football marathon. But I DID go outside, and for that I am proud. I grabbed my trusty tripod, locked the focus and ran into place. Apparently my face has a little more dimension than my front door. But look at the detail on that door! Goodness me!
Do you ever look at pictures of yourself and just giggle? Like who is that girl? What a goob. That's pretty much how I feel whenever I attempt a Tyra smize. Or anything remotely serious for that matter.

On today's agenda is picking out a paint color for an accent wall in our tiny living room. I finally got Clint to concede by letting me add some touches of "home" to this place and now I'm stuck, not knowing what color to choose. The wall has a collage of gold and silver frames. Perhaps I'll upload a picture. Any brilliant ideas you creative geniuses?!


  1. Great outfit! I think I have that cardigan ... and I'm jealous of your hair. I always want to do a braid like that, but I have a weird hairline and fine hair - it never looks near as pretty as that. Love it. :)

  2. LOVE the cardi! And your hair is super super adorable...may have to try this sometime. Silly boys and their football, what can you do?? I think I have that cuff. Love this whole look you pulled together!

  3. You are just precious! I am your newest follower!