Friday, January 21, 2011

Painfully Obvious

I'm trying to personalize the blog a little bit more. So bear with me as I experiment. (It's like my blog is playing dress up! )

Also new to the blog, our blue wall!

Do I do the "winter" 30 for 30? I'm pretty sure it was winter in Ohio last time we did it.  


  1. Do the challenge!!! We can help each other!

  2. The colour of the wall is gorgeous! Love your shoes!

    You should do the challenge! Would be really interesting.. I really wish to take part but I will be barely going out of the house cause of my dissertation! x

  3. 1. love the color you chose.
    2. can't wait to see how your blog turns out.
    3. you look smokin' in this outfit and not "country" at all :)
    4. i almost considered doing the winter challenge, but let's face it - all those layers, dark mornings, and extra pale skin = terrible pics of me.

    love you friend - and i will cheer you on all the way if you do another 30 for 30!

  4. I love your hair and the outfit is so nicely put together!