Sunday, January 9, 2011

If only I had a gorgeous gown to wear!

Like one of these.

Being fairly new to blogging, there are a few things I still haven’t figured out.  Like html coding, gadgets and posing. Blog awards are another thing, I was introduced to them by Miss Ramsey, and although I’m not 100% sure what it means, I’m 100% excited! I think it means they like me?!  Or maybe they just want to know seven random things about me. Either way. It’s pretty exciting. So thank you Ramsey.

Well you asked for it. Here are seven random truths about the crazy lady behind emilylime (me!).

#1 I too love hamburgers and fries. More the burgers than the fries. Our George Foreman may be the death of me. That or Smashburger.

#2 I met my husband on a blind date and was a total jerk. Fortunately the man was looking for a challenge. Almost 4.5 yeas later and I’m still a challenge.

#3 I like pretty food. I would definitely sacrifice a little flavor for a show stopping presentation. Poor husband. [Exception: Hamburgers]

#4 I really want to get my nose pierced and adorn it with the littlest, sparkliest post known to man; still classy but unexpected and a little rebellious.

#5 I am a graphic designer by degree and photographer by passion. Unfortunately I avoided all html classes in college because they were too reminiscent of high school math and the self-timer really throws me off when shooting pictures for this blog. Perhaps someday I’ll share some of my own work.  Until then, enjoy this.

#6 Socks are my least favorite article of clothing. They fall off your heels, get lost in the dryer, don’t keep your feet warm and make you wear a larger shoe size. Perhaps if I can start viewing them as a fashion accessory I will grow to accept them.

#7 The only pop I drink is Coke. And that is not interchangeable with Pepsi. It’s best from a fountain and second best in a cold can, which I religiously tap on the top before opening because I read once that it keeps it from exploding.

These blogs may be new to only me, but I like them, so you should too.
(Can I even do that?! Nominate the person who nominated me?)

I’m still establishing my reading lists and I feel like I have two kinds of blogs that I am following. 1) The established ones that would giggle at the thought of being nominated by such a baby blogger. 2) Blogs that I’m following but up to this point have only been reading and I don’t want my first comment to be “I nominated you because I secretly stalk your blog but don’t leave comments.” So I'm just going to give you a few more blogs, among others, that I look forward to reading more of.

To all of you lovely ladies who have left comments on my blog, thank you! It brightens my day and introduces me to hours of entertainment.  I will try to return the favor pronto.


  1. You are so sweet! And I love learning interesting facts about other bloggers. The blind date thing is hilarious!

  2. Great post! I don't really like socks as well .. yay for summer! x