Friday, January 14, 2011

Breaching the comfort zone

I usually don't accessorize. This necklace is big. Hence the mild discomfort.
 And these are the shoes I wanted to wear.
To all you professional accessorizers, how did I do? Can I do this necklace with a casual outfit? 

Once I conquer my fear of accessories I plan to tackle the issue I have with wearing skirts. They're so much fun and an easy way to break up my bad habit of color blocking. Why did it take me so long to realize this?!


  1. Yes I think it goes well with the vest and the shirt's neckline :) Love the black flats x

  2. love the necklace girl :) btw, my blue tights are from Target! my mom got them for 5 bucks! go get um :)

  3. love the outfit - and the necklace is adorable :)

    also - I am totally with you about cold weather accessorizing! It is not nearly as easy or interesting as all the fashion bloggers in warm weather :)

  4. The necklace is perfection! Little bit o' glam. I prefer the black flats-the boots are adorable, but I want to see them with a dress or skirt! I'm all about mixing the dressy and casual, apparently. :)

    Yeah, 30 for 30 taught me that jeans do not a varied wardrobe make. I need to work on it too! Skirts and different types of pants really shake it up.

  5. I just realized I replied to your comment and it went to noreply@blogger! Hah, so here it is:

    Oh sweet Emily I don't care! And I didn't notify the people I nominated either...I'm sheepish. You are just wonderful! I was seriously so excited to see that you nominated me-thank you so much!

    You should sign up for the card! :) I swear everything they touch is pure genius.

  6. i think this necklace looks fabulous especially with all the neutrals and against that top! love your hair as well.

  7. i love the whole look. i have a hard time doing casual. i prefer dresses and heels and that is not always practical. i really like the boots mixed with the more flashy necklace.
    and your hair. that is what caught my attention the most. it's so full and glamorous. is it your mousse? your styling technique? God's gift to you?